Welcome to be EZcosplay On-line Promoter

Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to spread the word about their websites. Among others, our program is free to join, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge! As our affiliates, you will generate traffic and sales for our website and receive attractive commissions in return.

How Does It Work?

  • Customers click your link.
  • Customers places order through your link
  • You will get 8% of that order as commission, not include shipping cost.
  • Share unique links you create in your affiliate account which your unique affiliate information tracker. 

What you can get?

  • 8%  commission. (Orders at our website usually over 200USD). Withdraw commissions by Paypal.
  • Emails immediately are received if any of your links brings orders. One click to share, easy and save time.
  • Multiple promoting channels, support share link by email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any of your ways. 
  • Gather commissions to buy any of your target items at website. 8% commission of your own order.
  • Real-Time Statistics and Reports! Log in anytime to check your performance with data of sales, traffic generated and your commission balance.

How to join us?

  • Already one of our members? Log in your account and find affiliates in the left column. Clicking apply to be affiliate.
  • Still not our member? Click here to apply as our member and follow the above step.
  • You will receive an email once you succeed to create account.
  • Any questions, feel free to contact: [email protected]