Shoukoku no Altair / Altair: A Record of Battles

Set in the western part of the great continent Rumeliana, Mahmut is a young war orphan and the youngest Pasha in the Türkiye stratocracy who desires to ensure war never occurs. Unfortunately, after an assassination of a politician, Türkiye is under the looming threat of the militaristic Balt-Rhein Empire. After playing a vital role in solving two schemes within his country, Mahmut sets out on a journey to see more the outside world, only to witnesses Balt-Rhein's growing influence on the continent. To protect his homeland, Mahmut and his companions travels across West Rumeliana to ensure an alliance between his country and the other nations to face against the Balt-Rhein Empire and their frightening expansionist movement. With the creation of the Tripartite Military Alliance with Greater Türkiye, Republic of Venedik and Urado Kingdom, and the cooperation of the Cuore Alliance, the Anti-Imperial Alliance battles against the Balt-Rhein Empire in the Great Rumeliana War.